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Gear setup/sequence question

I play guitar and I'm currently using a POD, a GP-16, a Vortex, and a
Repeater (connected in that sequence) and I'm a bit frustrated with how
to most effectively hook it all up.

I like the POD, but it's on loan from a friend, who will probably want
it back before too long. I may end up buying one myself someday. The
Repeater, I also like. But the effects units are irritating.

The GP-16 is mono-in/stereo-out, which means it has to go first in the
chain, but I don't want it first because it does things like reverbs
and delays, which I want later on. Yet another of those sorry
all-in-one do-everything boxes that wasn't designed to use with any
OTHER GEAR. Most of it's effects are pretty lack-luster, and it doesn't
have tap tempo. I put it after the POD, since I don't really need to
use the POD's stereo effects.

The Vortex has some interesting sounds, but it's not really designed to
work at line level, which messes up the Repeater, which wants line
level. I could put a little line mixer in there to boost the level, but
that seems like another hunk of electronics in the signal path that I
don't need. I don't want delay and modulation effects in front of
things that make distortion (especially when the unit really shines in
stereo and the other two devices only have mono inputs), so it needs to
go after the POD & the GP-16. Beyond that, it requires a lot of front
panel button pushing and isn't MIDI controllable, but that doesn't have
much to do with how it's hooked up.

I'd love to replace the GP-16 and the Vortex with something like a TC
Fireworx or G-Force, but I can't swing the cost so I need to make do
for awhile. I'm getting some interesting sounds, so I'm not really
complaining, but keeping the levels balanced and optimal is a constant
Any suggestions?


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