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Re: Subharmonic Synth

for whatever it's worth... i have the dbx unit with the wood sides (the
earlier , non-tweakable version) and i think it sounds great. i had a 
in the studio last month with the cosmos, and while it had some strong
points, it was still PEAVEY, (that is to say it almost worked great...)

the dbx is a lot less flexible but actually sounds great.. in my opinion..


on 4/3/02 11:42 AM, Hans Lindauer at hans@ERNIEBALL.COM wrote:

> I'll add my two cents to this discussion before somebody buys the Wrong
> Thing and gets disappointed.
> I can't remember who originally asked about this one, but I think he'll
> want an octave divider, not a subharmonic synthesizer, for tweaking with
> sounds.
> I use the dbx 120xp (the previous model) Subharmonic Synthesizer, and I
> like it a lot.  I run it on my main mix before the crossover to fatten
> out the bottom end, and it's great for that as long as your subs can
> handle it.
> However, the dbx 120 only analyzes 54-110 Hz to generate its
> sub-octaves; so it's nice on, say, bass or kick drum or tuba, but
> otherwise it won't touch anything over 110 Hz.  I'm guessing from the
> available Peavey literature that the Kosmos is pretty much the same
> thing, plus a spatializer.
> -Hans
>>> I see a few different models- there is a digital one etc- any that are
>>> better/worse?
>> Hi Cliff,
>> I've been messing about with the new Behringer Virtualizer 2024.
>> Has a very nice sub oct patch.
>> It can produce a synthetic bass note which tracks the lowest note
>> from the guitar, (but allows chords to be played normally).
>> You can decide "how far up the neck" you want the effect to go.
>> This sounds like one of those octave stomp boxes, except that
>> in only works on the lowest notes.
>> Tracking is excellent.
>> Also on the same patch there's also a sort of subharmonic generator
>> which works even if your speakers don't go down far enough,
>> (tricks the ear into hearing a fundamental that isn't really there).
>> This is very smooth and transparent. Makes the guitar sound
>> bigger and more bassy.
>> I haven't tried the DBX units, so can't give you a comparison, but the
>> Behringer would seem to have more options. (and a cheapo harmoniser
>> if you want to do sub-oct that way on occasion)
>> andy butler