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Re: Key equipment (was: Fantasy Patching Exercise #1)

first off, kudos to greg for creating a thread that
everyone seems to be interested in chiming in for and
is not about cable directionality...

> This presents an interesting topic for discussion.
> What do all of you
> consider "key pieces"? 
> Greg

my rig is VERY basic, but very effective...
- warwick fna corvette bass
- boss auto-wah set to sound as an envelope filter
- repeater with a digitech footswitch (although i'm
about to make the move to the behringer for full
footal control)

i find that the most key piece in my rig is
creativity...with all of the different music out
there, it doesn't matter at all what your sound is
going through as much as how you use it to create a
unique voice...each piece of equipment is an
instrument and an extension of what is available to

was it really all about the shoes for jordan?

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