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Re: Gear setup/sequence question

At 7:48 AM -0800 4/4/02, Greg House wrote:

>How about the level mismatch issues?
>Of course, I suppose the ultimate answer is to buy better gear (which
>consistantly has stereo in/outs and runs at LINE level)
>I guess adding a mixer would help to fix the level and interface

For what I do a mixer is essential.

Funnily enough, although my Eventide processors are stereo in and out 
I frequently feed one or more of them in mono. This is partly to do 
with an insufficient number of auxiliary sends on the mixer and 
partly to simplify my performance interface.

My typical setup is optimized for processing of multiple sources from 
other musicians or from CD and tape playback. I "perform" the mixer 
and am constantly changing sends and returns to/from the processors. 
The more aux sends I'm using, the more I have to keep track of, so 
sending in mono makes a certain amount of sense. In addition, even 
though the Eventides have two inputs many of the algorithms sum the 
inputs to mono anyway! This is particularly true of the H3000, where 
some of the algorithms use the left input only (bad design that was 
fixed in later generations).

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202