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fretless guitar questions

>>>I do have one gear-related question though. I can understand the
advantage of the glass fingerboard (brighter, better sustain), but how
can this work in practice? Wouldn't it negate the effects of the
trussrod? Isn't it fragile to travel with?<<<

If I remember rightly, it is a bit of a bitch to travel with, and Ned has
broken boards before now, but as I think he's the inventor of the system,
he's in a position to carry spare boards and fix it! :o) it's certainly
worth emailing Ned with more questions - the sound is fantastic.
http://www.nedevett.com or http://www.fretlessguitar.com

>>There's a French company that makes a fretless guitar with a metal
fingerboard. Seems like that would be more serviceable for the
traveling musician.<<

That's what Franck Vigroux uses, and he has a great sound, though very
different from Ned's sound. It's a Vigier, as has been mentioned. I tried
one of their metal fingerboard basses and hated it, but the guitars sound
fantastic. I'll stick with the Granadillo board on my Modulus 6... :o)

I'm going into the studio with Franck in Paris at the end of this month, so
there should be some stuff on the net after that...