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Peavey (was:Re: eletrix filter factory question)


I used to have the same attitude about Peavey, having sold it during the 
early and 80s.  In 1989, I was looking for an inexpensive bass.  I tried 
every singel bass in the
$500 range, and was mostly unimpressed.  I didn't even look at the Peavey 
because of my past experience.  At the time, the manager of the store 
(Banana's At Large in San
Rafael) was in my brother's band, and was a pretty good friend.  He swore 
I should check out the Peavey Bass, which was about $250, if memory 
serves.  I was blown away.
It was significantly better than anything I had played.  I totally changed 
my mind about them at that point.  I still use a pair of KB-60 keyboard 
combo amps and they
sound great for most small to medium (cafe sized) gigs.  We played a club 
called 26mix last monday, and we all had wished I'd brought those babies 
along, as their system

Now, is Peavey top 'o the line audiofile stuff?  Not a bit.  However, if 
you're going to buy a middle to low pricepoint piece of Fender or Gibson 
gear, I'd take a serious
look at Peavey.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they're stuff built like 
tanks, and you're keeping a Mississippian in a job.

Mark Sottilaro

Dean Stiglitz wrote:

> although i generally stay away from peavy gear, the spectrum analog 
>filter is a really well built unit, and sounds great...if you can find 
>one, you should check it out.
> deknow
>  >>  where can i find more information about the sherman?
>  >>  i'm looking for an analog filter that i can use with
>  >>  my bass.  i use a repeater, so i can probably hook
>  >>  everything together, but ideally, i'd like something
>  >>  that i can just plug my bass into and then send out to
>  >>  a PA or an amplifier.
>  >>  thanks for the help,
>  >>  e va n|s sa b