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Re: New to list, with a couple of tired old questions

The JamMan is a good 'ol workhorse (still, IMO) but for studio use, I'd go 
(I did) the Repeater.  Why?  MIDI synchable.  Really good pitch shift and
tempo shift in real time.  Good sound quality (needs to get and give line
level) You can get LOTS of memory (I think up to 256 meg) into it.  (Non
volitile Compact Flash cards)  It's stereo.  Really flexible stereo effects

Lot's of people say it's clunky to use live, but since I purchased a 
1010 midi pedal, I find it pretty easy.  I've also now gotten comfortable 
it, and practice helps.

There's also the Echoplex, I'm not sure if it's still in production at this
point, but there's still new stock around.  (Gibson killed Oberheim, who 
manufacturing them)  I won't talk more on that, because I really don't know
what's going on.  It's a great box though, and has a lot of features that 
it a great live looper.  The choice between the Echoplex and the Repeater 
not easy.  I think what put me over the edge was the stereo looping, time
stretch and non volitile memory (you can yank out the card, put it into a 
reader and bring your loops into the computer pretty easily with just a 
editing, I find I really don't use it like that though)

Mark Sottilaro

Jon Brown wrote:

> Hi Loopers,
> Time for a new guy to ask a couple of no doubt tired old questions.
> I'd like to add a looper to my usual guitar/VG-8 combo, and I'd like a 
> of guidance about what to buy. Would anyone care to offer opinions about
> what's what in April '02 and what's important to look for?
> My main use is for a home studio, with occasional venturing out to a 
> bar or coffeeshop. I'd prefer a rack device unless a foot pedal---say, 
> Line 6---is an extraordinary value. Because of the Loopers Delight tools
> page, I'm looking at the Jamman (they seem to go for about $350; are they
> still favored, though somewhat out of date?) and the digital Echoplex 
> or more). Other ideas?
> Thanks for any advice!
> Jon