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Re: Repeater pedals?

> I think that your "sponginess" may be from the quantization of the loop
> points to falling right on the down beat.  I find that I can kill any
> sponginess (read: my initial sloppy tempo and record button press) by
> entering trim seconds mode (hit trim twice), then rapidly hitting play
> turning the dial.  This way I can find the perfect attack location for 
> loop trigger point.

The repeater is actually following a midi clock. The 'spongyiness' I'm
refering is how a bassline, for instance, will sound less than perfectly
grooving with a drum loop, though the people I'm playing with will tell me
that I had hit the groove dead on when I played it, so I know it's not just
the shock of hearing myself :>

> If you need the initial loop point "nailed down" initially, all I can
> recomend is work on timing.  I don't play guitar (at the moment) and
> my repeater in electronic music production and experimentation.  With
> Repeater's internal clock perfectly synched to the beat, I have witnessed
> near perfect timing with the repeater.

Hmm. People have been complaining about the midi clock from the XL-7 and
other devices. Perhaps a different master clock would be better. The
repeater, for instance?