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RE: Repeater pedals?

While Repeater does pad the loop, this padding is *outside* of the initial
loop points.  Meaning that if you want to set the loop point sooner than
when you hit record, you can, as it buffers the input.

I think that your "sponginess" may be from the quantization of the loop
points to falling right on the down beat.  I find that I can kill any
sponginess (read: my initial sloppy tempo and record button press) by
entering trim seconds mode (hit trim twice), then rapidly hitting play 
turning the dial.  This way I can find the perfect attack location for the
loop trigger point.

If you need the initial loop point "nailed down" initially, all I can
recomend is work on timing.  I don't play guitar (at the moment) and 
my repeater in electronic music production and experimentation.  With
Repeater's internal clock perfectly synched to the beat, I have witnessed
near perfect timing with the repeater.


     .-.                       .-.                               /   \
    /   \       .-.           /   \       .-.     .-.           /     \
  /       \   /     \       /       \   /     '-'     \       /         \
           '-'       \     /         '-'               \     /
                      \   /                             \   /
                       '-'                               '-'

-----Original Message-----
From: Evan Meyers [mailto:evanmeyers@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 3:42 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Repeater pedals?

> 'spongy'. I'll play something
> right on when I record it, and have it feel a little
> 'off' when it loops. Am
> I the hearing things? I'm thinking of rewiring my

you aren't hearing things...if you check in the
manual, it says that the repeater pads the loop a bit
to leave room for trimming...i believe you can adjust
the default of the padding, but i've just gotten used
to it and i compensate for it when using my digitech
FS300 footswitch.

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