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Re: Repeater pedals?

--- Jonathan El-Bizri <ssrndpty@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Everything's midi clocked.
> It's not massive, just a subtle bit off.

Well, mine is subtly off sometimes too, but I've always attributed that
to my generally poor timing and my lack of coordination with the foot
pedal button presses (using a FS-300).

It sounds like your situation is probably different. As you said, maybe
it's drift in your midi clock source. Seems like I've heard of
sequencers that couldn't keep totally steady clock when they were doing
a lot of stuff. Maybe your idea of a different clock source would help.

Speaking of the fs-300, it's not my favorite pedal. It's too small,
causing you to sometime press things unintentionally. Plus it won't
stay steady on a carpeted floor (like in my studio). I'm going to try
mounting it on a larger plate.


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