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Re: Adrenalinn - more info please

On Friday, April 5, 2002, at 04:55  PM, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
> I'm tempted to put a pair of AT7 in my 2120s to see if I can tame the 
> gain
> into something a little musical. Are there any preamp tubes with even 
> >less<
> gain?

I hate to say that I've never changed the tubes in this baby.  Haven't 
found the need yet.

>> Most of my presets are based on ones that
>> came with the unit, with some tweaks.  I may just not be very 
>> discerning.
> None of the presets use nearly enough of the box's power for mangling 
> and
> looping. Give it another look - it's capable of some really wild stuff. 
> I'll
> send you some examples.

Ooooo goodie!  Send away!