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Website additions.

Hi all!

It's that time again . . .

I just got an e-mail from my pal, avant trumpetmeister, Jeff Kaiser
who owns/runs the pfMENTUM label my CD is out on.

He's put up a bunch of new stuff on my part of his site . . . 

A couple of new reviews by Jason Bivens (Cadence, magazine) and Rent 
Romus (Bay Area Improvisers Network). Nice words by nice guys . . . 

A list of radio stations that have been silly enough to play my music 
at least once (some have done it more than once -- go figure) . . . 

And a "bio" section that is probably even sillier still (now THAT should 
generate some chuckles -- who would care) . . .

Still none of this has translated in to bunches of sales but it is
kind of amusing . . . [:-)>

So, for a good laugh go to: http://www.pfmentum.com/flux.html

Best regards,

Ted Killian