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Re: Axolotl poem

At 10:41 AM -0700 4/9/02, Clifford Novey wrote:
>I have a 7 cd set of all mad magazines- I'll try to find it sometime.

There was also a Mad book "For Better or Verse" that may have had it.

I'm pretty sure it first appeared do earlier than the 1957-58 school 
year, because my 7th grade teacher Bertha Mueller (we called her 
"Bert" behind her back) made us memorize "The Daffodils." We also 
memorized Masefield's "Sea-Fever," which was parodied thus:

I must go down to the city dump,
To the lonely dump and the sky,
And all I ask is a garbage truck
And a start to steer her by.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202