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Re: O.T. Computers

No offense taken.  I have Macs and PCs and drive a Golf.  I'm not saying 
is without sin, but when I hear that every time you add hardware to your PC
you've got to get a new serial number to run Windows XP, I cringe.  That's
pretty damn evil.  I like this debate, but it's a lot like religion.

CarlJacobson@cakewalk.com wrote:

> Hey I drive a Saturn and use a PC?  What does that mean?
> Mark I meant no disrespect by my last message. That whole "evil empire"
> thing just gets under my skin sometimes...maybe I've read one to many Ayn
> Rand books...

and for this question...

> If I had a peice of gear that would only run on OS 9, and would never 
> it's drivers upgraded ever, what would you recomend to house the beast? 
> would be the cheapest option? What would I get from a more expensive 
> considering that I will never be able to upgrade it? What kind of 
> will 'never go away'?
> The gear in question is a Korg Oasys card. Probably the best 
> deal ever - more powerful than a Digi farm card, latency down to 1.5 ms,
> ASIO, ADAT I/O, comes with more than half the Triton sample sound set, 
> Z1 style synthesis, awesome AD/DA, but no support, no drivers, ever.

Well, here's the deal.  I've got an Aurora Fuse video capture card.  Was 
best I could afford at the time.  Aurora has stated that they will NEVER 
an OSX driver for it.  They will give me their Igniter card... if I give up
another $500.  Frankly, at that point, I'd sooner get a DV camera and to 
since I'm using Final Cut Pro anyway, and have the Igniter RT card at work.

So.... When I need to capture analog video, or record in DP3, I reboot 
into OS
9.  It's a pretty good OS, all in all.  Sure, OSX is better, but it's still
very new.  I'm impressed at how little I've got to launch the "Classic
environment" these days.  If you really need a Mac box, I'd look for a used
high end G3 or low end G4 and just stick to OS 9.2