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Re: jamman/stellac vs. repeater

Hmmm, other than the fact that the JamMan can't be totally controlled via 
front faceplate (the only way to get a loop to fade is via a midi message) 
always thought the interface was simple and easy to use.  Never had a 
getting it to synch to midi either, although I'd get a "click" at the 
start of
a loop sometimes, but usually not, or not noticeable.

I've been thinking of eBaying my JamMan, but I keep thinking it's worth 
onto for a second loop rig for small/short gigs, like open mic nights.  I 
know that I do not use it since I purchased the Repeater though....


Ben Furstenberg wrote:

> I'm sorry this might be old and boring topic but if anyone cares to 
> and compare the Jamman maybe with the Stellac ROM upgrade vs. the 
> Repeater, I'd be grateful.  Maybe there is something already written on 
> that I could be directed to.
> I have a JamMan.  Haven't used it much, not sure why, some problems 
> it to work with MIDI clock and general interface dissatisfaction.  The
> Repeater seems more up my alley: better sound, storable loops, friendlier
> interface, etc.
> Before I get rid of the Jamman, is there any reason to hold onto it?  Can
> it, with the Stellac ROM do particularly unique and special things?
> How much should I try to get for the JamPerson?  Where is a good place to
> buy a Repeater at the best price?
> Sorry if this is a boring topic, but at least it isn't OT...