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Re: Need suggestions for sampling/storing loops

- memory utilization of a given amount of ram should be
physically equivalent on different platforms, given the same
same sample resolution (i.e. 16-bit, 44.1khz).  caveats for
systems that use portions of this storage space for meta data,
or any programatic method for compressing audio.

- there's actually 8mb of ram built into the repeater.  i'm
using a 256mb flash card from simpletech as additional storage
on the repeater with no tragic glitches resulting from the
media.  it may support as much ram as 512, if i'm not mistaken.
media access latency does appears to be a factor in the
repeater's 'drag', and i've been attempting to compensate for
the repeater's latency on a continuing basis.  i've recently
been getting more accurate loop start/stop times whilst
recording hand drums after plugging away for a while, and using
the click *shudder*, i wish the click could send a midi signal
or use it's own channel, but ob la di.  we adapt by nature i
guess.  i haven't eliminated unintentional blarfs entirely, but
i see the prospect of minimizing them.  btw, is anyone aware of
a midi string that will do a copy loop function?  but i degress
... um, short answer for the boss vs. repeater is close enough.
give or take a few bytes for meta data.

hmmm, i know a tinker/carpenter guy who's first thought would
probably be to rig a way to operate a cd player using foot
switches, fine carved wood, and infra-red signals (aha! now i'll
have to call him and tell him about this just to get him
actually considering it).  hmmm, maybe take a tip from the dj's
and use two cd players and a crossfade pedal to avoid track seek
latency and have layering. ;-)  now I'M considering it ...
nawwwww.   wait .....  nawwwww.  oooo, there's those cd dj
thingines.  you could be shwinging little plastic disks with
your fingtips, cross fading with one foot and filtering with the
other.  nawwww...  looping live material is jsut really fun and
wacky.  but infra-red switching now, hmmm.  less wires, still
only light speed, watch out for mirrored pants, mic stands,
disco balls on the floor, and delinquents with infra-red pens
and just enough wit to be challenging.  hmmmm ...

do de do,


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael Yoder" <myoder@tamiu.edu>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 7:43 PM
Subject: Re: Need suggestions for sampling/storing loops

> My sincere thanks to all for the input thus far.
> Kim is right:  I had thought about the CD player solution, but
> would involve using my hands too much.  What I like about the
Line 6
> and Boss loopers is that both hands can stay on the fretless
bass and
> the feet operate the looper. Furthermore, it seems intuitively
that a
> CD player would be harder to quickly change the number of
times the
> loops would be played (I guess "last-minute arranging" is a
good term
> for that?).  A sequencer would, I believe, solve that sort of
>  From the hype, these Yamaha/Korg/Boss "groove boxes" are
designed to
> loop samples.  This seems to be what I desire most.  My big
> is memory, followed by editing capabilities (how to "massage"
> loop to be stored so that it sounds like the original loop
> in the Line 6 or Boss loopers.)
> But from what y'all are saying, it sounds like I need to find
> more about the Repeater, because if I'm understanding it
> it seems to be a looper with a big-ass memory (with the 128
> storage card), providing the capability to create loops on
that unit
> in the first place, then store and recall the loops for later
use. If
> what Kim says is correct about the half-second pause, however,
> Repeater would be less appealing.  From the "Tools of the
> section of the LD home site, there seem to be pros and cons
that I
> need to better understand.  Thus, more homework is in order.
> This leaves me with one question. . . .I really am not very
> elctronic/computer savvy:  Is 128 megs on one machine the same
> as 128 megs on another, in terms of length of storage time at
a given
> sampling rate?  For example, the Boss SP505 can take a 128 meg
> Would that hold roughly the same length of sampling/looping
time as
> the Repeater with 128 meg card?
> Thanks again.
> Michael
> >At 10:03 AM 4/10/2002, you wrote:
> >>Or maybe his reasoning is the ability to select and start
> >>quickly, without a pause, without changing media. If so, the
> >>would rectify that. It'd also add the ability to change the
tempo &
> >>pitch of the saved loops on the fly.
> >
> >Unlike a sampler, when you trigger loops on the Repeater
there is
> >about a half second pause before it plays the loop. An actual
> >sampler is a better choice if you want to be triggering
> >prerecorded loops live from midi or a sequencer. I think all
> >ones Michael mentioned have the same tempo and pitch change
> >for loops that Repeater has.
> >
> >Also, he said he wanted a sequencer built in, which neither a
> >player nor the repeater have.
> >
> >
> >kim
> >
> >
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