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G4 and digi001? (was O.T. Computers)

i too have been looking into putting together a system
for the sole use of music production.  for my needs, i
want to be able to cut pretty nice quality stuff and
not be growing out of my gear quickly (when i first
got into recording, i purchased a 4 track and within
the matter of months, i had already grown out of the
gear and needed something with more capabilities). 
i'm also hoping to be able to use my home studio setup
as a learning tool to possibly break into a recording
job or at least the field, so i'd like to work with
industry standards and cutting edge software.

after researching this for a while now, i've decided
to go apple instead of pc.  most of my friends who do
this, use apples and it does seem to be the industry
standard for this sort of thing.  i've been looking
into software/hardware packages and the digi001 seems
to be the most all inclusive, easy-to-use package (not
to mention, it runs off a light edition of pro tools).

does anyone use the digi001?  what do you know about
it?  what are your recommendations to someone in my
situation trying to put a project studio together?  i
am still pulling my funds together for this and i'm
willing to put the extra cash into this to make it as
good as i can (within reason).  also for this kind of
setup (one where i can constantly be working on
multiple music projects), what kind of system to you
suggest?  i was planning on taking the G4 route as it
has been recommended to me by several people who are
in the know.

any and all thoughts, suggestions are welcome!
 e va n|s sa b

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