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Re: G4 and digi001? (was O.T. Computers)

You might also want to check out the Mark Of The Unicorn gear.  The main
reason I went with them was they make really good audio interfaces (PCI
and Firewire), good MIDI interfaces, MIDI drivers, AND
sequencing/multitrack audio software.  Pretty much the whole sha-bang.
Why is this good?  Because the whole system works together seamlessly.
MOTU also has been one of the few companies that are promising OSX
versions of their software.

Mark Sottilaro

Evan Meyers wrote:

> after researching this for a while now, i've decided
> to go apple instead of pc.  most of my friends who do
> this, use apples and it does seem to be the industry
> standard for this sort of thing.  i've been looking
> into software/hardware packages and the digi001 seems
> to be the most all inclusive, easy-to-use package (not
> to mention, it runs off a light edition of pro tools).
> does anyone use the digi001?  what do you know about
> it?  what are your recommendations to someone in my
> situation trying to put a project studio together?  i
> am still pulling my funds together for this and i'm
> willing to put the extra cash into this to make it as
> good as i can (within reason).  also for this kind of
> setup (one where i can constantly be working on
> multiple music projects), what kind of system to you
> suggest?  i was planning on taking the G4 route as it
> has been recommended to me by several people who are
> in the know.
> any and all thoughts, suggestions are welcome!
> thanks,
>  e va n|s sa b
> evanmeyers@yahoo.com
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