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Re: G4 and digi001? (was O.T. Computers)

> I use a Digi 001 in a PowerMac G4/500. I've recorded

what would a setup like that go for these days?  what
did it cost you when you initially set it up?  and if
you were setting something up now (knowing what you
know now), what would you go with as far as computer
processing speed and stuff like that?  where would you
look to get it?  and would you try to get a system
custom built for just these needs or just get a
regular G4?  sorry for the barage of questions, but
this list is a great place to 'ask the experts' (so to
speak).  i was pretty much sold on the digi 001 after
seeing a demo video and then talking to some
users...whose complaints seemed to be beyond my needs.

> The Digi 001 hardware is fine, as long as you don't
> need to record at 
> a higher rate than 48kHz. 

why would one need to do this?

> card itself, which can be a little kludgy. My only
> other complaint is 
> that because Inputs 1 and 2 are on the front panel
> they are omitted 
> from the rear panel. I'd rather they were
> duplicated.

i read somewhere that the 2 front inputs are a bit
hotter than the ones on the back or at least different
in sampling rate or something like that.  do you run
an ADAT out of your setup or just work with the
harddrives that you have?  

> For MIDI sequencing I use Digital Performer. I
> haven't worked with 
> the audio feature of DP yet. Previously I worked
> mainly in Studio 
> Vision (which by the way is now freeware). Many
> people prefer Cubase 
> or Logic.

why don't you work with just the digi001 software? 
i'm looking to get something that i will be able to
use for all of my needs and upgrade things as i go.  i
was under the impression that the digi001 has built in
midi applications as well as some fx plugins (which
i've heard is the primary difference between the light
edition of the pro tools and the original).

> I'm considering at some point changing to Nuendo and
> RME hardware. 
> The Nuendo software seems to be much more intuitive
> and efficient 
> than Pro Tools, and it supports VST plug-ins. The
> RME hardware offers 
> 96kHz at a good price.

thanks for all of the help, and i look forward to your
further comments on the subject!

take care,
e va n (bassist to the stars, well not yet anyway)

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