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Re: G4 and digi001? (was O.T. Computers)

At 10:22 AM -0700 4/11/02, Evan Meyers wrote:

>what would a setup like that go for these days?

If you mean how much it would cost to buy an older G4/500 and a Digi 
001 I suggest you check out used computer brokers such as Shreve 
Systems for the Mac, and on-line music vendors such as audioMIDI.com 
for the Digi stuff.

>what did it cost you when you initially set it up?

About the same as it would cost for a new system today, only the 
computer would be faster.

>and if you were setting something up now (knowing what you know 
>now), what would you go with as far as computer processing speed and 
>stuff like that?

If I had the money I'd buy a dual 1.0GHz PowerMac.

>where would you look to get it?

Prices on new Macs don't vary that much. I usually buy from MacZone. 
You can do comparison shopping at <http://www.pricewatch.com>

They list dual 1.GHz at $2899, MSRP is $2,999.

>and would you try to get a system custom built for just these needs 
>or just get a regular G4?

With Macs the idea of "custom built" is less prevalent than for PCs. 
You can order a custom Mac configuration from the Apple store, but a 
stock system is fine. PCI card installation and RAM upgrades are 
almost trivial and most software installation is totally 
straightforward. However, if you DO want a pre-configured system you 
can go to someone such as Wave Digital.

>  > The Digi 001 hardware is fine, as long as you don't
>>  need to record at
>>  a higher rate than 48kHz.
>why would one need to do this?

You probably wouldn't, but a lot of people are moving up to 96kHz to 
achieve more high frequency reproduction. And even if they can't hear 
it, many clients will insist on working in 96kHz because it's 

>i read somewhere that the 2 front inputs are a bit hotter than the 
>ones on the back or at least different in sampling rate or something 
>like that.

Same sampling rate, but because they double as mic and line inputs 
they do have adjustable gain.

>do you run an ADAT out of your setup or just work with the 
>harddrives that you have?

I do all my work in the computer. I did one piece where I needed to 
output to ADAT at the end, so I rented one for a day.

>why don't you work with just the digi001 software?

The MIDI features are rudimentary. Digital Performer started as a 
MIDI sequencer, so its MIDI functions are more highly developed.

>i was under the impression that the digi001 has built in midi 
>applications as well as some fx plugins

I haven't used the MIDI features. The plug-ins are OK, I guess. I 
tend to use Waves and other plug-ins instead.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202