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Re: Re: Gibson Digital Echoplex Pro discontinued?

Very nicely said, Jimmy.
I first learned about Alto Music nearly two years ago when everyone here was in a frenzy about the Repeater getting ready to ship (remember that? alas, some of us had to settle for the Againinator in our disappointment) :-) Anyway, I got on the Alto buy list after finding out what their price would be and, since then, I've bought almost all of my stuff from them. They have really fabulous prices and they've always been upfront with me and fair, I thought.
In fact, about a month ago, I bought one of those slick 6 string Yamaha John Myung basses from them (cause I wanna be like Steve Lawson when I grow up). Anyway, gorgeous bass, but it came in damaged. I had never needed any sort of follow-up customer service from Alto before, and so I thought it would be interesting to find out what they'd do. Well, when I called in, I asked to speak with Jon. I found him accessible, straightforward and concerned about my needs. Alto got on the phone with Yamaha immediately and I actually had a new bass direct from the Yamaha warehouse here in L.A. before UPS had gotten by to pick up the ol, damaged bass! In short, although I was disappointed that the first bass I received was damaged, I ended up having a really pleasant experience. (And it's a fabulous bass.)
I can't imagine Jon buying 80 EDPs in one batch unless he fairly believed he was getting the last ones. That's an awful lot of stock to carry unless there's some reason for it, don't you think? Based on my direct experiences with Jon and his company, if he tells me that Gibson USA told him they were going to be the last units, well, I believe him and I think you all should too.
P.S. Yes, I am back!!! Hello everybody!
----- Original Message -----
From: Jimmy Fowler
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 12:33 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Re: Gibson Digital Echoplex Pro discontinued?
i may be stepping on toes with this and i apologize, but i don't think
comments like this:

"...boneheads like JH.KNICKS..."

are necessary.  if nothing else, they don't foster a welcoming environment.
lets be nice and give mr. knicks the benefit of the doubt, politely correct
the mistake, and carry on as if nothing really serious has
occurred...because it hasn't.

alto music comes across as a reputable and upstanding dealer, but it's safe
to say that one generally shouldn't take a music store's word for much of
anything.  if alto music is misleading their customers, it may be that they
bought a whole bunch of edp's and are now attempting to get rid of them.
perhaps they too are mistaken.  i'm not saying it's o.k., but it surely
isn't mr. knicks fault.



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