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Re: 'stretchy' loops (was An Oxymoron Replies)

Wow, the list is talking about looping!  Stop the press...

One very powerful way of playing with time within loops in an EDP is
setting quantize=off, and ending multiply with record.  This lets you
COMPLETELY redefine the length of a loop, from ANY point within that
loop to ANY other point (within the initial press of multiply and the
ending press of record); it lets you take any fragment within a larger
loop and turn it into a new loop/cycle.  Very useful for turning rubato
loops into highly rhythmic ones (or vica versa!)

Another thing I've been doing a lot of lately has been, as Steve
suggested, taking a loop with a lot of random, abstract, seemingly
arhythmic stuff in it, and then trying to deduce where the pulse would
be in that, and overdubbing a very straightforward and obvious rhythmic
pulse under that.


um, let's just say this particular thread and concept will be INFINITELY
more interesting and exciting to discuss on the list post-April 24.  ;)


--Andre LaFosse

Steve Lawson wrote:
> >>>Steve Lawson really turned me onto the idea of playing really long 
> that 'hint' at metricity and then memorizing the loops until one can play
> against them.      Since getting turned on to this cool concept (I think 
> played one loop for 17 hours while he
> did e-mail and farted around his house until he had every 'event' of the
> loop memorized)  I have been experimenting with the whole
> idea of stretching time within a fixed loop length.<<<
> I've been doing this again recently with Lafosse-ised glitch fest loops,
> playing random noisy messy loops, dropping bits in and out with the 
> function on my EDP, and then listening to it till I can properly 
> it (I use the concept of harmony in the loosest sense, but they lines are
> rhythmically consonant...)
> I was rather lucky that  as soon as I started playing solo the concept of
> stretching time within loops seemed to me to yet another low maintainance
> way of letting looped music 'breath' and of taking away that aspect of 
> being 'wrong' by not having an absolute metric measurement of timing -
> instead, having a relative sense of 'space' and phrasing between the 
> and the different sections within the loop... Interestingly enough, the 
> of mine that I guess delved deepest into this is a tune called 'No More 
> And Them', the title of which came about after a conversation with Rick
> about the Dalai Lama... :o) What goes around comes around.
> One of the other spin offs of working on rhythm from a 'control and
> awareness' point of view rather than having metronomic time as your 
> reference is that when playing Hip-hop/UK Garage/Drum 'n' Bass and Latin
> rhythms where the beats are displaced. Two of the three sessions I've had
> this week have required a non-metronomic reading of rhythm, the first 
>was a
> hip-hop remix track, and the second a whole slew of UK Garage/R 'n' B 
> grooves...
> ...and I still can't work out what Pino is doing on D'Angelo's Voodoo
> album!!!
> big love
> Steve
> www.steve-lawson.co.uk (new CD with serious DL4 loopage available to 
> and order here...)