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Re: Multiple, sequenced delay lines...can it be done?

>Thanks, Bill!
>Well that's interesting.  I was thinking of something more along the
>lines of having a delay line "sample" and then changing the start and
>end points of the delay line's playback with offsets whose locations are
>determined by incoming CV's.  Is that possible?

thats a different kind of technology. Reminds of Dr. Zvonars concert 
at LoopStock, done with Eventides...  you would probably end up using 
some pedal input to control this, which is similar to a CV input, but 
digitally interpreted.

>>>>  billfox@fast.net 04/11/02 08:08PM >>>
>-----Original Message-----
>From: KEVIN SIMONSON <RITX075@revenue.state.il.us>
>>What would be voltage controlled on the delay line?  Length?  How
>>THAT work? What else?  I'm curious.
>>btw, Roger Arrick (the owner of synthesizers.com) has said he will be
>>making a
>>voltage controlled digital delay line. i'm trying to convince him to
>>give it a
>>couple meg of memory. then you could build the whole system as a
>>modular synth!
>>Eric Williamson
>The oscillator that clocks the delay line is a VCO.  Modulating the VCO
>the speed at which samples are stored and retrieved from memory, thus
>the delay time.  Of couse, anything clocked out of RAM at a different
>speed than
>it was clocked in, will have its pitch changed.


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