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Re: Multiple, sequenced delay lines...can it be done?

At 8:19 PM -0500 4/11/02, KEVIN SIMONSON wrote:

>I was thinking of something more along the lines of having a delay 
>line "sample" and then changing the start and end points of the 
>delay line's playback with offsets whose locations are determined by 
>incoming CV's.  Is that possible?

I've done that via MIDI control on the TC2290 delay. Since the 2290 
works either as a delay or as a monophonic sampler it is possible to 
implement this concept in a couple different ways. In delay mode the 
signal is passing continuously through the delay and you can move the 
delay tap discretely from point to point (quite different from 
modulating the clock). I would sometimes "chase" the sounds as they 
passed down the delay line, making various repeat and stutter 
effects. In sampling mode I would move start and end points around at 
will, and I could save presets as I went so as to build up a 
repertoire of loops that could then be recalled as I wanted them.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202