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In the US, I'd go for Keyboard.  The guys are pretty old-skool but 
know their shit and have some perspective.  Which is refreshing since 
not so annoyingly 'gee-whiz' about tech stuff.

Electronic Musician ain't bad, but feels like it never really got the hang 
the electronic thing and is playing catch-up...kinda like a harried
40-year-old cover band keyboard guy buying his first groovebox or something
to 'keep up with the kids.'

M2 is entry-level, kid-with-Acid, 'how to make phat beats' in 1 page junk.

Computer Music does the same 'DAWs are cool, Your Guide To Sampling!"
articles month after month.  You pay 10 bucks or whatever for a CD full of
demos and free samples you could grab off the 'net.

Remix is crap.  Their 'artist' interviews seem to be written by their PR
person..the worst being the Jamiroquai one a couple months back...goddamn
that was some terrible BJ hack shit.  They had a how-to guide on ReCycle
recently (the app is what, 5 years old?) that anybody who'd actually used 
thing more than a half-dozen times would've known was technically wrong.
Big overviews of "MixMan Plus" or whatever, WTF?!

G. Ratte'/cDc

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