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Re: Repeater start/stop messages

i'm solving this problem by using a motu midi timepiece ii.  i
filter everything but mtc and realtime messages on the repeater
out port.  got one on ebay reasonably cheap (for equipment like
this), although not quite as cheap as some of the midi solutions
stuff.  and it takes one rack space, ob la di.

i'm not personally aware of a little box a la midisolutions that
can do this, but i would not be surprised to find one somewhere.

btw,  i updated the repeater OS to 1.1 and i STILL believe i'm
hearing the clock bug when i sync my mofx delay up to it.  i
invariably hear the little pitch sweeps that sound like the
delay time is being jerked around.  have to try syncing the mofx
to another clock to verify that it's the repeater, but i'm
seriously thinking that because of this, and the midi out/thru
issue, i'd like to try syncing the repeater clock to something
else, but i want that something else to be small, protable,
cheap, and track an accurate tap.   just haven't had time to
look around yet ...

or you could build your own midi filter ... ;-)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Om_Audio" <clifsound@attbi.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2002 6:14 PM
Subject: Repeater start/stop messages

Hey gang-

My current project finds me with my Repeater as master midi
sending it through mucho stuff: ES-1, ER-1, EDP, M-One, Mo-Fx,
Factory, and also to my friendís Repeater which is being used
loopage of his keys and more- the issue is that I am using
everything on
a Thru chain and his Repeater start/stop is being controlled by
which we do NOT want- and I do not want to use the midi Out of
any of
the other devices either. We just need the clock to lock to- the
start/stop messages are part of the clock stream which does not
attention to midi channel- How can we filter this data out
without using
a computer? I looked at the MidiSoloutions mapper and installed
software for it but it only maps/converts messages other than
clock etc. Any info appreciated.


PS- I subscribed to tape op after finding extra articles on
website that are fantastic. Thanks.

http://www.om-studios.com <http://www.om-studios.com/>