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Repeater start/stop messages

Hey gang-


My current project finds me with my Repeater as master midi clock sending it through mucho stuff: ES-1, ER-1, EDP, M-One, Mo-Fx, Filter Factory, and also to my friendís Repeater which is being used for loopage of his keys and more- the issue is that I am using everything on a Thru chain and his Repeater start/stop is being controlled by mine which we do NOT want- and I do not want to use the midi Out of any of the other devices either. We just need the clock to lock to- the start/stop messages are part of the clock stream which does not pay attention to midi channel- How can we filter this data out without using a computer? I looked at the MidiSoloutions mapper and installed the software for it but it only maps/converts messages other than real-time clock etc. Any info appreciated.




PS- I subscribed to tape op after finding extra articles on their website that are fantastic. Thanks.