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Re: Tape Op Magazine Take 2

> i'm glad word is getting around about this magazine. hopefully it'll
> be
> around for a good long time.

Where I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, it seems many professional studios
don't know about Tape Op. Perhaps that's because you have to pay for a
subscription up here and it works out to a ridiculous amount per issue -
$9.90CAN! However, I'm fortunate enough to have a brother living in the
US, so he get the free sub and sends it to me. Tape Op is the only mag I
know of that embraces both analog and digital technology, both with
gusto. A great inspiration to novices, DIYers, and professionals! May
their reels roll on forever...and who knows, maybe one day they'll find
a way to let Canadians in on the free meal.[8^)
By the way, I've got a TB303 for sale - original box, carry case, and
manual - in minimally used condition. Anyone want it for the going rate,
whatever that might be today? Interested parties email me off-list.

your friendly next-door-neighbourhood daily lurking digest subscriber,