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EDP footpedal strangeness and a request for public testing

Hello list,

I'm still experiencing a very strange and intermittent problem with my
EDP footpedal:

When hitting Insert very quickly and repeatedly, it will occasionally
trigger Multiply, and less occasionally Overdub.

Here's what I've done to my footpedal over the last few days:

-- Replaced every single switch with a brand new switch

-- Replaced every resistor with a brand new resistor

-- Put in a new jack

-- Put in new wiring

-- Re-soldered every connection, which in any event was newly soldered
to begin with, since the various component parts being soldered together
are all new

In short, the only part of the old pedal I still have is the actual
metal chassis.  Everything else has been replaced, and I'm still getting
the same basic problem.  It's less pronounced that it was, but still
very much present.

The obvious answer would be that it's a problem with the EDP itself.  


I've used a friend's footpedal with my EDP, and gotten this problem
EXTREMELY rarely -- so infrequently that it hardly EVER happens.

I also plugged my own problematic footpedal into his EDP, AFTER all of
the modifications, and it behaves the same way in his unit as it does in 

My pedal (and EDP) is an older Oberheim model, and his are Gibson
models.  But I've never noticed this particular problem prior to the
beginning of this year.

The only difference between the two footpedals is that my friend's newer
model has insulation on the input jack, to keep it from connecting to
the metal housing of the chassis itself.  Even after modifying my unit
with insulation, the problem persists.  And I never noticed this for the
previous six years that I've been using the pedal without insulation.

Furthermore, Matthias tells me that, since the front panel buttons and
the footpedal buttons are wired parallel, that any problem with the
footpedal should be duplicated with the front buttons, and vica versa. 
When I do this test on the front panel buttons, it NEVER EVER happens at
all.  Not even ONCE.

It's not a beta test issue, because I put Loop3 in and noticed the same
thing (as well as my friend's unit, which is also on Loop3).

So, I have two questions for the list:

1) Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should try now?

2) Can anyone with an EDP and a spare minute please perform the
following test for me:

-- Turn quantize off.  Then press the Insert button on the footpedal as
fast as you can, repeatedly (for 30 seconds at least).  Watch the front
panel display, and see if it goes into Multiply or Overdub at any point
during this.  

I will assume that I now possess the EFC-7 equivalent of a Ouija board
until such time as my pedal starts operating normally again...

Big thanks for any ideas, and to everyone who already wrote in with 

--Andre "Crowley" LaFosse