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Re: EDP footpedal strangeness and a request for public testing

maybe try using a single footswitch with just the insert resister attached.
in other words, either disconnect all the other switches in your edp pedal,
or connect a switch directly to a jack and trigger by hand...

if it is still happening, this will at least eliminate the possibility 
that the other
switches or wiring are at fault.

if it stops happening then i would test each switch separately
to see if mechanical movement causes false triggers.
or maybe just connect the fs to edp and shake it...

will try test on mine (oberheim edp with my custom footswitch) tonight...

> 1) Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should try now?
> 2) Can anyone with an EDP and a spare minute please perform the
> following test for me:
> --Andre "Crowley" LaFosse
> http://www.EFC-7-busters.com