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Re: EDP footpedal strangeness and a request for public testing

--- jim palmer <jimp@pobox.com> wrote:
> maybe try using a single footswitch with just the insert resister
> attached.
> in other words, either disconnect all the other switches in your edp
> pedal,
> or connect a switch directly to a jack and trigger by hand...
> if it is still happening, this will at least eliminate the
> possibility that the other
> switches or wiring are at fault.
> if it stops happening then i would test each switch separately
> to see if mechanical movement causes false triggers.
> or maybe just connect the fs to edp and shake it...

That's a good idea, perhaps vibration is causing false triggering on
the other switches. 

Another thought is that it might have something to do with static.
That's often a problem in carpeted areas especially in the wintertime
when heating equipment dries out the air. I've seen static do some
seriously strange things to electronic equipment from time to time.


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