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Re: EDP footpedal strangeness and a request for public testing

> will try test on mine (oberheim edp with my custom footswitch) tonight...

was able to get multiply to trigger on mine in replace mode, but only 
and with very rapid presses of ~10/sec 
(had to use my hand for this, no can do with foot)
at this rate, i believe the buttons were not fully disengaging.
certainly the actuator was not returning to full up.
i tried this with record as well and actually got a parameter button 
how rapidly are you pressing insert?
i think something may be happening with debounce...

i don't have an original edp fs, so i can't do the shake test.
have you tried using a single switch?

also there are several quantize and insert options, several of which i 
have never used.
how exactly is yours set?
does changing these have any effect on the error?
i assume you are using loop mode (don't know if that makes any difference)