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Re: cd trade

--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/15/02 6:31:06 PM Eastern
> Daylight Time, 
> pfelix28@yahoo.com writes:
> > i'm not sure what you're
> > using but really like the results. Is this
> > disc only you recording in real time or who/what
> else> > in your unit?
> it just me in real time.....

damn great results. a vocal quality and still quite
gnarly in some places. just what I like!

> <<how did your progression from guitar to other
> instruments spring up>>
> i had the casio cz-5000 since 87 and it makes some
> funky sounds.....i went to > other sound makers due
to guitar "frustration".....> also playing "live" i 
> think just guitar can become boring not only to me
> but to the > listeners.....ill loop just about
anything and find > "charm" in it.....glad 
> you enjoyed.....cant wait to give your cd a
> listen.....michael k

ditto as to finding the charm in just about anything
ya can loop.
the more I play the guitar, the more I approach it as
an instrument with strings and pickups and anyone can
call it what they like, i'd just like to get as many
sounds out of the bugger as possible. that's also one
of the reasons I stopped usuing distortion and

live i've been trying to find that place also where
the audience feels that their presence is actually
taking the music somewhere different. I think it's
working, just got to chat up some folks before the gig
and get a feel for them. I was smart/lucky enough to
have spent about 5 years doing spoken word and learned
to gauge an audience without the pressures of having
an instrument anywhere near. good for the senses.

Are the venues in Pitts. receptive to your music?
because I think you'd make a pretty good musical

check your Fed Ex this morning :)

you too Dave T. in OR, got some kin in your fine town
btw, great eats around campus!

bestest, Pedro

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