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Re: cd trade

In a message dated 4/16/02 10:20:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, pfelix28@yahoo.com writes:

i'd just like to get as many
sounds out of the bugger as possible

indeed!....."D3" proves this.....

<<live i've been trying to find that place also where
the audience feels that their presence is actually
taking the music somewhere different>>

audience as feedback source is great, if they are tappin their toes and smilin i feel more free to do "my thing" and if they look like something stinks then i may reconsider what im doing, when they just sit there like a bunch-o-zombies then i really get worried.....

<<Are the venues in Pitts. receptive to your music?
because I think you'd make a pretty good musical

what a nice thing to hear, thank you.....several times people have actually come up to me and given me a "i dont know what you just did but it was great" and that was better than being paid for the gig.....i think there are more venues willing to try a more "experimental" music here in pittsburgh and i hope this trend continues to grow.....last year, my music was more guitar centric, "jazzy" with lots of melody, toe tappin "pretty stuff", i kind of cut loose at an art opening with this newer stuff and it seemed to go over well although there were a few raised eyebrows.....the main thing i think about now regarding playing out live is the aspect of "performance", its one thing to see an old fat guy wankin on guitar and to see an ofg twistin knobs, rick walker, now im not sayin he's an ofg, was a great inspiration to me with his sense of "show", to paraphrase rob zombie: "no one ever came up to me after a show and said that i gave too much".....

pedro.....thanks for the cd, i hate commenting on music till i give a cd several listens but so far, this first run through was right up my alley, more later.....thanks.....michael k