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Re: Boss RC-20

the rc-20 is a nice tool although the sampling rate is
lower than 44.1.  i read somewhere that it's in the mid
30's although no one really knows.  

being able to erase the entire loop with your foot
without stopping is nice.  

Matthias spent only an hour reconfiguring mine so it
can send a sync signal out.  my phrase jack is being
used for this purpose now.  

but since i've been using the repeater i haven't even
touched the rc-20.

it's a different class of looping and mixing.  
the repeater is where loopers meet dj's.
hybrid on down. . .

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> Actually reverse is one of the few functions that
> require stopping the loop and writing it to memory.
> What I have found is that recording the first loop in
> doesn't work.  The initial loop has to be forward,
then the
> overdubs can be reverse and it is easy(if you've got
> toe control(this is why I wear sandals!)) to switch
> the two.
> I'm having some fun finding instrustruments which
> interesting backwards and the big winner is the
> This is a Tibetan chime, two heavy disks connected
with a cord.
> The sound is an instantaneous note with very long
> so in reverse you hear a normal ringing which very
> stops. 
> Yours in rhythm,
> Steve
> PS:  Hey inventors!  Foot switches(pedals) are so
done.  How
> about a toe board?
> I demo'd the RC-20 at Sam Ash, and while it
> seemed interesting, it does have numerous
> shortcomings, ie you don't seem to be able to
> change speed, and as far as I can tell, you can't
> go into reverse mode without first stopping the
> loop (maybe you need the footswitch to do it on
> the fly while the loop is still running). 
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