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Re: Boss RC-20

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From: Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org>
>consider using syncable loopers if you go for several.

I just returned from the Ricochet Gathering 2002 at the Okefenokee swamp in
southern Georgia.  While there, I used my Akai Headrush to record a guitar 
Through my good timing, it stayed in sync to Nord Modular and other 
for many repeats before drift was noticeable.  But, as usual, I was forced 
start and stop the loop and use the Akai to trigger its loop.  Since we 
Schroyder, Peter Ruczynski, John Christian, and I) were sharing MIDI 
clock, it
would have been great to have a looper that would sync right in.  Do any 
quantize the loop length?  Example:  A 16 step sequencer is playing eighth
notes, yielding a two bar pattern.  How easy is it to use a Repeater or 
EDP or
whatever to make a four bar loop that will sync perfectly to the community 
and "stay in phase" with the established two bar sequence?


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