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Re: Boss rc-20 vs Akia Headrush

>i'm not all that familiar with the akai headrush, but
>you can find a slew of reviews on the rc-20  from just
>the past few days.  the general consensus is that the
>rc-20 is missing many key features...

the problem with the headrush is the sampling time. i don't know 
exactly how long it is but it is not enough for a song in a live 
performance. the rc-20 has about 5 minutes which is quite good. but 
no chance to sync it with a drummachine or a click for a live drummer.

>i tried out an rc-20 for about a month before giving
>it back and making the move to the repeater.

hey, sounds interesting. i own the rc-20 but think about buying a 
repeater for live performance. do you use guitar with it? the thing i 
would like to do is: recording basic tracks with the guitar live 
while a drummer plays to it and when the recorded fundament plays i'd 
like to sing and play other instruments. can i do this with the 
repeater and a midi-footboard? any problems with stability (system 
crashes?) which footcontroller? i heard something about rolls...


funky jazzy Pop'N'Groove: