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Re: Boss rc-20 vs Akia Headrush

the akai was my beginner's looper/delay.  i have since upgraded to the edp.

some specs: single loop time is about 23 seconds, 11.9 if you plan on
overdubbing.  tap-tempo delay time is about the same.  this delay works
alright if you're trying to replicate that soundscape stuff at a very basic
level.  23 seconds goes by really quickly and there's not much variance in
your loop.

for live looping, it isn't that bad.  i used it for about a year and a 
i bought it so that i could basically replicate myself on stage without
having to get a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth guitarist.  it does
your basics pretty well, although it's noisy compared to the edp (but not 
noisy as the boomerang).

like i said, it's not a bad toy to start out with.  but it's definitely a
toy, whereas the rptr and edp are sonic weapons.  if you want to get
extensive with your looping, you'll be feeling the limitations of the akai
pretty soon.  that's why i got rid of mine...still not bad for 170 bucks.

hope this helps.