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Echoplex Off on the PMC-10

Before I say anything, let me express my regrets at not being able to get
good and crazy in Oakland.  I have a gig--it's even an appealing gig--that
night in San Diego and must miss another excellent opportunity to hang with
my loop brethren.
So now, let me go on in typical fashion about my latest discovery with the
EDP and PMC.  Hey, it's great to have a hobby.
I've been using a MIDI emulation of the long press of the record button for
erasing the current loop.  It's a note on with no subsequent note off
corresponding to the note value for the record button.  This works great,
but it takes the EDP a moment for it to realize that no note off will be
coming before it kills the loop.
So what I did is to also include a volume message of zero with string A, 
a subsequent value of 127 with string B, and use the momentary setting.
I also just did one with record on string A and multiply on string B--this
was in response to one of Andre's postings--you end the first loop with
These will probably also be doable with the Behringer.
The great thing about using momentary is that you don't have to shift your
weight, or even move your foot, for the second message.
Well, that's all--have fun in Oakland, and I look forward to the LoopIV
upgrade when it becomes available.  Congratulations!