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Re: live laptop looping. la la la...

it should be fairly simple - you should try setting one laptop running 
to slave to external sync by configuring the correct MIDI port in the 
and making sure the EXT button is selected. then run the other laptop 
and see how well it works - haven't tried it myself but it's worth a test.

Bobdog(bobdog@pseudobuddha.com)@Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 08:05:56PM -0500:
> we (pseudo buddha) have replaced our beloved globe-trotting
> percussionist (gil) with a mac g3 powerbook running live by ableton.
> we (i) think that it kicks butt.
> would any of you midi geniuses know how we (a distinct & separate
> project termed "apparatii") would sync two (2) mac powerbooks running
> live so that one is a tempo master to the other?
> i'd be much obliged.
> bobdog
> ps - if you are in the tuscan az area & would like to play with one of
> the funnest & most unique percussionists i've known, drop me a line &
> i'll hook you up w/gilly