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Re: Can you keep private emails off the list? (was Re: video received)

--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> OK, I know Kim likes to keep this list unmeditated,

He'd do better to keep it unmedicated! :)

> but this is getting 
> out of control.

Not really. For "out of control", do an archive
search for...

1) Mac vs PC
2) Country & Eastern Music
3) Italo
:) :) :) :) 

> Think about what you're (and by you
> I mean all of you 
> that are GUILTY) doing for a moment.

All of those guilty will receive an Againinator!

> OK, that's enough.  Does it seem like maybe a
> mistake to talk to an 
> individule by posting to a group list?

It happens all the time. Questions for Kim, for
Matthias, etc, etc...

> A) No, what I say and think is important to all the
> world no matter what.
> B) Yes, I'm not paying attention and lost in my own
> little world
> C) None of you really exist anyway, so who cares?

Hey dude! You forgot.. D) All of the above!

> Stay tuned for the answer.

I'm thinking you'll get more than one.

> You're surly pal,

Nah, you just haven't received your basic daily
allotment of looping; or, someone needs a nap.



John Tidwell

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