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Re: Can you keep private emails off the list? (was Re: video received)

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> mark.....my question to you would be: why reprint all of teds e-mail,
> couldnt you gleen a few choice words of his apology.....wouldnt this
> save "bandwidth"?.....this happens all of the time and ive always
> wondered why.....sorry i had to butt in.....michael

Yes, you're right, I usually do trim posts, but in this case I wanted to
include the entire post to emphasize how ridiculous it was to be sending
out personal communications to this list.  My point wasn't bandwidth as
much as it was just basic email noise/clutter and courtesy.  Right now
I'm in on a little remix CD exchange experiment with some friends around
the country.  It's music related, but I don't CC this list.  Why?
Because the emails are like, "OK, let's send the cd's out by the end of
the month..."  Not interesting to anyone not part of the exchange.  It's
simple email list etiquette, most lists will kick you off if you don't
obey these rules, this one just uses people like me having little rants
to make it happen.  Did a few members spend a few hours in the virtual
LD stockade?  Sure, but that's OK if it makes the "society" a bit

and BTW, get off my lawn!  Damn kids!

Mark (cranky old man) Sottilaro