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Los Angeles Loopist Invades Oakland Party... Film at 11:00

Hello list,

Last night a certain brilliant software designer from Brazil dropped me
an email and asked if I'd be interested in coming up to the LoopIV party
at Kim's on Saturday, to help with demonstrating new features.  So it
looks like I'll be joining Mr. Grob in presenting the EDP upgrade.

If anybody in the area who's planning on coming feels like bringing a
video camera, this might be a nice thing to document.  (Perhaps Kim's
already made arrangements for this?  I don't know...)  

I have doubts as to whether or not I'll have anything to add to the
information bestowed by Kim and Matthias, but I look forward to the trip
up yonder.  After having had the privilege of working with LoopIV since
the beginning of this year, I'm delighted to be able to help out with
its unveiling.

Hope to see some of you up there!

Best wishes,

--Andre LaFosse