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Re: Los Angeles Loopist Invades Oakland Party... Film at 11:00

This is going to be great fun! Andre and Matthias jamming together, ya 
can't beat it!

Plus, a lot of the new LoopIV features are really tuned into Andre's deep 
and modern looping approach. We're really excited that he's agreed to come 
up and help show it off. This is quite a treat.

And sorry, I don't have a video camera. I'm still trying to figure out how 
to get a PA! this is all coming together at the last minute, so video will 
have to be somebody else's department....  audio recordings would be nice 
also if somebody can bring a dat.


At 05:46 PM 4/19/2002, Andre LaFosse wrote:
>Hello list,
>Last night a certain brilliant software designer from Brazil dropped me
>an email and asked if I'd be interested in coming up to the LoopIV party
>at Kim's on Saturday, to help with demonstrating new features.  So it
>looks like I'll be joining Mr. Grob in presenting the EDP upgrade.

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