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RE: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

>>> evanmeyers@yahoo.com 04/23/02 11:41AM >>>
>i've spoken with sales reps and people who are not a
>part of this list who use samplers and work with loops
>and have been pretty dissappointed in discovering that
>most of the people i've encountered were more
>impressed with the actual gear then learning how to
>incorporate it in a practical manner for different
>musical situations.  

I think this situation is pretty common in a lot of human endeavours. 
As a guitarist and former guitar salesperson, I can attest to the
"gear-cred" that gets attributed to people.  Sure.  It happens.  In my
neck of the woods, merely strapping on a Chapman stick impresses (and
frightens) people.  

>sort of like having the gear as a
>status symbol...which is guess is where the hostility
>came from from david...sorry, didn't mean to offend.

Once again, the ape with the best jawbone of an ass wins, right? :)

>so, now, back to my quesiton...and please be
>honest...are you guys/gals involved in this for the
>love of the gear (which is cool and i can totally
>relate to) or the love of the music...and don't be
>offended, because it is okay to love the gear.  

I'm as much of a sucker for der rackadum fulla blinkenlichten as
anybody else, but this is sort of a koan, eh?  If the machine is
involved in making the music, why separate?  I have a phrase that I keep
handy for describing a musical situation wherein the artist appears to
be much more concerned with method and process and technology than the
actual sounds --"I don't like it".   Of course, I'm generally kinder
with my opinions regarding people who are actually out there, engaging
in the rare, beautiful and endangered act that is Live Music.  Me?  I'm
just a hack who hasn't done anything live for 10 years.  

>i loved playing around with programs like rebirth
>having no clue what i was doing but loving the sounds
>coming out...that was a situation, where it was gear
>of musicality because i wasn't creating the music as
>much as modifying it...

This sounds a lot like some of the whole DJ vs. Musician thing we had
quite a while back.  Personally, if you like to listen to it, it's
music, right?  Any arbitrary line in the sand between musicality and
non-musicality is really a matter of preference, yes?  I'm sure that
boundary could be qualified by each of us, but that whole process smells
like 'opinion' to me.  

>i'm not sure if this is getting my point across or
>just offending more people, but what i guess i'm
>looking for is some inspiration...i want to see/hear
>people using these devices and doing mind blowing
>stuff (i'm eagerly anticipating the knitting factory
>show with andre as i hear such good things about his
>music and technical ability with the gear)...

Here here.  Of course, I think I have a fairly easily blown mind.  Last
night I hooked up a Kaoss pad with a strat and a piece of my mind made
it all the way to the neighbor's porch. 

>sorry for any confusion and i hope i didn't just start
>up another 'which way does the cable run' kind of a

One of the best things (there are a lot of "best things" piling up in
my corner) about this list is that the dialog here swings wildly from
incredibly useful threads about compression to very abstract threads
about approach and preference and musicality and heavy philoloopical
musings.  For me, warts and all, this list is probably the best thing
about the internet. (See, another "best thing"....sigh.)