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Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)


Evan - 

yep. thing is some people get off on some things more
than others, so they make different sounds that
sometimes are not all that different. I'dunno, i'm
having a great time with a simplified rig now, no
midi, samples. I like playing guitar so that's what I
use, but I know that my Selina likes to go some other
places and I accompany her.
actually I think we met, you were alright, I liked
speaking with you.
i'm not sure if I gave you any music, but would love
to swap tunes if you'd like.
just use the gear, Luke. if it sucks and doesn't
extend your over-all abilities, then question it's
btw, i'll be doing some type of "entertainment music"
(some type of party) at Chama on Friday if anyone is
interested in hearing some sounds.

best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002

--- Evan Meyers <evanmeyers@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i know exactly what you mean.  i'm still fairly new
> to> this kind of equipment as well and love hearing
the> input that this list has to offer.  
> i spent about 10 years as JUST a bassist (or as
> frank
> zappa puts it - a composer whose main instrument of
> composition happens to be bass)...sure i spent some
> money on some gear that seemed good at the time, but
> never really got into the nitty gritty of what it
> was
> all about and what you can actually do with this
> stuff
> (and in turn, had several pieces of crap in my rig
> that i barely used and barely got beyond facotry
> installed presets).  i've taken midi classes and
> gotten in and out of caring about it, but now i've
> come to a point where it is the next logical step
> (to
> start embracing the technology available to
> musicians
> as opposed to scoffing at it as i had done in the
> past).  
> i've started checking out people using the gear and
> i've even gone to one open NY loop thing (and plan
> to
> attend and perform at these in weeks to come) and
> the
> main dissappointing thing that i've noticed amoung
> musicians who use the gear is the lack of
> musicality.
> to me, it seems that people are more concerned with
> what gear they have then the actual sounds that they
> are producing and this is pretty upsetting to me,
> because i was under the impression that this was all
> about using the tools available to get the sounds in
> our collective heads out to the public (although i
> guess the sound in some folks' head is just chaotic
> loops).  obviously, there are a bunch of people
> doing
> mind boggling things with this gear, but the
> majority
> of what i have seen is people getting wrapped up in
> turning nobs and pushing buttons...not even taking
> the
> gear out to what it is capable of.  
> the big problem with equipment like this and my
> major
> former gripe about technological advancements in
> musical equipment is that the basic functions of
> these
> tools can make anybody sound pretty good.  the
> problem
> with that is that people tend to shy away from
> digging
> deeper into the power of these tools and are
> satisfied
> with its basic features.  an echoplex and a repeater
> are not just tools, they are actual instruments and
> when used properly or perhaps i should say
> creatively,
> they can really expand your capabilities as a live
> and
> studio musician.
> i probably would have been better off not saying
> anything...especially since with my comments, i was
> more pushing my views and goals in your and other
> list
> members' directions, but i just don't buy into the
> whole fix a limitation with one piece of gear with
> another.  to some people, a guitar is just something
> to strum chords on and the only way to do something
> unique is to add effects, but pioneers like hendrix
> showed us that there are not limits to the sounds
> that
> one can create with just a guitar.  just trying to
> offer some of my personal feelings on the subject,
> and
> again, this is just how i feel...i do understand the
> addiction associated with gear acquisition (and
> battle
> it myself to a degree), but for a group like this
> who
> uses this cutting edge technology to create music,
> i'd
> like to hear more people doing ground breaking
> stuff...and maybe i haven't been exposed to enough
> music that is being created by members of this list,
> but i've checked out a bunch of links to list
> members'
> music and seen some of the gear in action and most
> of
> what i've heard can easily be done without this gear
> and with just more focus on the actual instrument
> going through the gear.
> anyone care to share their views on the age old (for
> me at least) debate of musicality vs. equipment?
> loopfully yours,
> e va n|s sa b

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