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RE: german dummy: echoplex discontinued?

Is this a new Echoplex? ?480 Sterling is a very good price for an EDP +
Footcontroller; even second-hand. If it's old and beaten up though, it's a
high price.

European versions of the EDP have been many years in development, but they
will come. There's been too much investment in design and now finally,
marketting, (see http://www.gibsonechoplex.com/; it's a start!), for Gibson
to drop this very popular product.

So, for the record, (again), Gibson has not discontinued the production of
the EPD,

Andy Ewen.
Echoplex Production Manager,
working for Gibson via Trace Elliot via Straightedge.

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From: Danilo Rometsch [mailto:danilo@erdbeerhund.com]
Sent: 23 April 2002 00:22
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: german dummy: echoplex discontinued?


I am a poor dummy from germany and I am waiting for the arrival of
the gibson echoplex digital pro for a horribly long time now. But it
does not come.

Is it true that gibson discontinues the production of the EPD?

Can anyone tell me if 480 english pounds is a good price for the EPD
and the floorboard?

Thank you for your help!

funky jazzy Pop'N'Groove: