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Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)


--- Evan Meyers <evanmeyers@yahoo.com> wrote:
take as> much away from every encounter as possible
and i> guess> i haven't followed the right links to
list members'> and other recommended music and became
concerned> that> i had gotten myself involved in a
community where> the> bottom line isn't music but
rather the gear being> used> to accomplish music
(which to an extent is the> purpose
> of this list...but also to share musical ideas and
> techniques with the group).

yep. I spend a good amount of time playing clean sans
delays most days and have been playing a beat-to-shite
Goya nylon with a busted bridge that i've detuned in a
fun way, right? 

> we did meet and i was pretty excited to chat with
> you> (although briefly) about what you have been
using> and> why you made those choices.  i guess there
is just a> priority clash with myself and some of the
list> members...

yeah with the bandage right :) I was playing mainly
nothing, my personal weapon of destruction. when a jam
reaches a level that my physical playing is not
helping then I get to practice and listen to what is
possibly losing me. most times, I simply have nothing
better to add.
I stick to playing what I can, having been a person
who went through many effects only to find that I love
the sound of certain instruments and have some bent
ability to coax some sounds out of same. go with that
> > i'm not sure if I gave you any music, but would
> love> > to swap tunes if you'd like.
> i'd be more than happy to swap stuff, but
> unfortunately the most current things that i have to
> offer are just random jam sessions with friends and
> nothing with any real looping...i'd prefer to get
> together, sync up some devices and just jam (to me,
> that is what it is all really about) or even leave
> the> devices at home...but i'm itching to hear some
> inspiring looping stuff that can open my ears to
> some> new approaches, ideas, and influences.  i am
in the> process of putting together a project studio
so that> i> can have a disc ready to hand out at
will...but> again,> up until recently, the extent of
my gear acquisition> was a yamaha 4 track and a few
useless bass effect> floor boards/stomp boxes (which
the only one i still> use is a boss auto-wah ---if you
set the sensitivity> at about 1/4 up and everything
else all the way> down,
> you get a pretty nice envelope filter effect).

cool. I would be happy to give you some of my discs,
just to give you an idea as to what I. but i'd like to
get together and make some real time sound with you
also, if you think the fit would fine. I actually have
a good amount of time on my hands in the next few
weeks, so let's do something soon, eh?!

> > just use the gear, Luke. if it sucks and doesn't
> > extend your over-all abilities, then question it's
> > use.
> i look at as if it sux...learn it better before
> forgetting everything you know and just playing.

right. it should be that way. but, so many people with
some many different ways. oh, well.
> > btw, i'll be doing some type of "entertainment
> > music"> > (some type of party) at Chama on Friday
if anyone> is
> > interested in hearing some sounds.
> >
> please email off list if you are interested in
> jamming> at any time and give me more info on the
chama> gig...if i'm available, i'd love to hear your
solo> set...i noticed that you did some really cool
things> during the open loop (although a lot of it got
lost> in> the ambience of that particular day)

sure, ah heck i'm doing this on-list. I think this
discussion is and will bear some good fruit. are you
with me?
thanks for saying so. I have a handle on my
instruments to some extent and follow that up with
some adventure. but that open was for me, a bit
difficult, because I just wanted to listen, so I
stopped playing, because I wasn't going to have much
to add that could help.

> sorry for so many posts in one day, but work is a
> bit> slow today....
> e va n

cheers bro, Pedro

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