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Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

--- Louis Rossi <tarbit@hotmail.com> wrote:
> As a side note, a few Wednesday’s ago I saw Pedro’s
> show at Chama & was > really inspired by the
stunning aesthetic of his> music… Maybe the 3 of get 
> can get together at some point & do some playing.  I
> would love to speak w/ 
> you guys off-group.
> Cheers
> Lou Rossi


man, thanks! you're the guy with the slight stache?
there is actually some fine ass dv footage of my last
few gigs. they look good and sound quite good also.
i'm not sure what i'll do with them, but maybe some
folks might be interested in seeing some footage. 
i'm amazed at the sounds that i've been able to
replicate out lately. I was a studio-hermit type
player for the last eight years or so and just tried
to make sure that the sound was something I had
played. I wasn't sure the translation would be there
from what I record to what is heard live, but I think
I am getting closer.
I think it would be great to get together also!

best, Pedro

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