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Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

No need to apologize for your statements Evan
(although someone else should).
This has been a very interesting discussion & has given me some things to 
think about as I’m working with my gear & ART too.  I appreciate all the 
intelligent follow-ups as well.

As a side note, a few Wednesday’s ago I saw Pedro’s show at Chama & was 
really inspired by the stunning aesthetic of his music… Maybe the 3 of get 
can get together at some point & do some playing.  I would love to speak 
you guys off-group.

Lou Rossi

>From: Evan Meyers <evanmeyers@yahoo.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)
>Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 11:52:33 -0700 (PDT)
> > yep. thing is some people get off on some things
> > more
> > than others, so they make different sounds that
> > sometimes are not all that different.
>i realize that and it kind of sucks that i didn't
>choose my wording more carefully.  i've been trying to
>become a spounge and feed this musical obsession that
>has been growing over the years...trying to take as
>much away from every encounter as possible and i guess
>i haven't followed the right links to list members'
>and other recommended music and became concerned that
>i had gotten myself involved in a community where the
>bottom line isn't music but rather the gear being used
>to accomplish music (which to an extent is the purpose
>of this list...but also to share musical ideas and
>techniques with the group).
> > I'dunno, i'm
> > having a great time with a simplified rig now, no
> > midi, samples. I like playing guitar so that's what
> > I
> > use, but I know that my Selina likes to go some
> > other
> > places and I accompany her.
> > actually I think we met, you were alright, I liked
> > speaking with you.
>we did meet and i was pretty excited to chat with you
>(although briefly) about what you have been using and
>why you made those choices.  i guess there is just a
>priority clash with myself and some of the list
> > i'm not sure if I gave you any music, but would love
> > to swap tunes if you'd like.
>i'd be more than happy to swap stuff, but
>unfortunately the most current things that i have to
>offer are just random jam sessions with friends and
>nothing with any real looping...i'd prefer to get
>together, sync up some devices and just jam (to me,
>that is what it is all really about) or even leave the
>devices at home...but i'm itching to hear some
>inspiring looping stuff that can open my ears to some
>new approaches, ideas, and influences.  i am in the
>process of putting together a project studio so that i
>can have a disc ready to hand out at will...but again,
>up until recently, the extent of my gear acquisition
>was a yamaha 4 track and a few useless bass effect
>floor boards/stomp boxes (which the only one i still
>use is a boss auto-wah ---if you set the sensitivity
>at about 1/4 up and everything else all the way down,
>you get a pretty nice envelope filter effect).
> > just use the gear, Luke. if it sucks and doesn't
> > extend your over-all abilities, then question it's
> > use.
>i look at as if it sux...learn it better before
>forgetting everything you know and just playing.
> > btw, i'll be doing some type of "entertainment
> > music"
> > (some type of party) at Chama on Friday if anyone is
> > interested in hearing some sounds.
> >
>please email off list if you are interested in jamming
>at any time and give me more info on the chama
>gig...if i'm available, i'd love to hear your solo
>set...i noticed that you did some really cool things
>during the open loop (although a lot of it got lost in
>the ambience of that particular day)
>sorry for so many posts in one day, but work is a bit
>slow today....
>e va n
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